Earthquake Shakes Southern Kentucky

On January 13, a 3.8 magnitude earthquake hit just south of the Kentucky/Tennessee border. It happened just east of I-75, near Norris Lake. The earthquake was felt in many parts of Southern Kentucky. Places like Corbin, Williamsburg, and Middlesboro felt the earthquake. Chase Fields tweets, ” I’ve never experienced an earthquake before, but if that wasn’t one in Whitley County just now, I’d be surprised. Felt less than a half mile north on 25W at exit 15.” Many residents of these areas reported having felt the earthquake on Monday. In Somerset, Susan D. said it “shook windows and knocked pictures down.”

Although we don’t hear of many earthquakes in Kentucky, the Kentucky Geological Survey says that there are frequent earthquakes that go unnoticed and unfelt. It says the most powerful earthquake was recorded in Sharpsburg on July 27, 1980 in Bath County. It was a 5.2 magnitude earthquake and caused an estimated $3 million in damages 30 miles away in Maysville. On the 19th, a 2.8 magnitude earthquake hit the same spot. The original measurement was 3.6 of the one on Monday bit was then upgraded to a 3.8 magnitude by the USGS.

So what does this mean? Well, luckily we don’t get as bad of earthquakes they do out West. But, this does bring up what to do in case this does happen. WKYT published an article explaining what to do when your area experiences an earthquake. It is encouraged to give it a read so that you and your family stays safe during these natural events.