LAX is Back!


The lacrosse team is getting ready for its firs season as KHSAA varsity sport.

With the spring season just right around the corner, its about time for some fall sport to come along with it. Lacrosse in particular is getting a head start after having spending the fall and winter in workouts. This year will be a big year for lacrosse, as the sport has finally been recognized as a varsity sport by KHSAA in Fayette County. This means that lacrosse is now treated like any other varsity sport in terms of funding and divisions. All teams will now be competing for one championship regardless of skill level or previous clubs they were enlisted in. Many schools in cities like Louisville have already taken this step and it has really helped lacrosse become a more focused sport both in private schools and public schools.  Junior Andy Sorrel says, “Louisville schools are very prestigious and very skillful.”

Since all KHSAA teams will be competing for one championship, it will make lacrosse a lot more competitive, possibly attracting new players to the sport and even college scouts. Robbie Tackett says, “Hopefully we will start getting kids from other school around Lexington to play for us.” If you want to go out and support our lacrosse team, the earliest event is a tournament in Scott County at Great Crossing High School on February 15. The teams in the tournament are LCA, Scott County, Dixie Heights, and Fredrick Douglass. It should be a great match-up of teams all playing on Great Crossing’s brand new turf football field. Sophomore Conner Maggard says, “I think we have a good chance to beat most of teams at the tournament.” This year is looking good for the LCA lacrosse team, but only time will tell.