Mac Miller’s First Posthumous Album Has Been Released

On January 17, Mac Miller’s family (alongside his old management) came together to produce and release the late rapper’s first posthumous album, entitled ‘Circles.’

The announcement of this album’s release came only a week prior in a statement from Miller’s family, via his Instagram account, as well as the release of ‘Good News,’ the first single off the album. In the lengthy post, Miller’s family shares the story of how this coming album was written to accompany an album released only days prior to his death, ‘Swimming.’

“Two different styles complementing each other, completing a circle– Swimming in Circles was the concept,” as stated on behalf of Miller by his family.

The family continued the post by showing gratitude to the album’s producer, Jon Brion, who continued to work on the album despite Miller’s tragic passing. Despite the emotional process of working to make sure this album sees the light of day, everyone came together to release the album in his honor, as it was what he would have wanted.

“This is a complicated process that has no right answer. No clear path,” his family stated, “We simply know that it was important to Malcolm for the world to hear it.”

Alongside the album’s mid-January release, three pop-up fan exhibitions were held in large cities across the U.S., Los Angeles, New York, as well as Miller’s hometown, Pittsburgh, PA. These exhibitions consisted of deeply dissected listenings of the soft, emotional rap album alongside a multimedia art exhibition.

Entry to these exhibitions was free, and all sold merchandise went towards The Mac Miller Fund, an organization devoted to supporting young musicians with resources to help discover their full potential as a way to carry on Miller’s artistic and creative legacy.