Lion King: New Interpretation or Classic Original?


Do you like animated films or live action? The issue becomes relevant when considering the live action Lion King that was released last year. Which movie do you think is better between the original animated Lion King, released in 1994. I would say personally I think the animated version is better. The animated version, with voices from Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, and James Earl Jones, is the OG movie. Don’t get me wrong. The live action version is great, but there were some gaps in the movie that were not filled in for the viewer.  Some people say the live action version is better because they might be impressed with the actual graphics they had in this movie. In an informal poll of students and teachers, most agreed with me about which movie is better.  Mrs. Payne thinks the animated one is better because it was the first one made. Most students I spoke with agreed. It seems that movies we first learned to love when we were young remain special even when we grow up.