Differing Attitudes Toward Resolutions

Jacob Goins, Staff Writer

The new year is finally here and everywhere is hurrying to make their New Year resolution. Many people from LCA and other places always look forward to making resolutions and bettering themselves for the new year. It’s always a good way to feel a sense of comfort that you have started bettering yourself. Many people that I know always make new year resolutions but never follow through with keeping them. My brother Drew Goins is a great example of this as he  always says “he will stop his addiction to coffee drinking” but it never works. A couple days ago I went around the school interviewing teachers asking them if they have kept their new years resolution. I asked Ms. Ransdell, Mr. Seamands and Mrs. Payne if they have kept their resolutions and they all said no except Mr. Seamands. He believes “we shouldn’t make those and just ask God for him to do work in our life instead”. So the moral of the story is a New Year’s resolution is a way to tell yourself this year will be different but they never end up working.