A Recap of Winter Break

Dan Bowen

From travelling halfway across the world to staying here in the heart of Lexington, dozens of students found themselves using (and loving) the two weeks they were allowed off for Winter Break.

While Tanner Allen, 11, stayed close to home and spent time with his girlfriend and family, others, such as Olivia Griese, 10, traveled out of state.

Olivia looked back on the fond memories she made and was quoted saying, “I went to my uncle’s house for Christmas Day, and then traveled to my uncle on my mom’s side of the family’s house in Ohio the next day. We spent the night there, and went home the following day. For New Years, we went to a family friend’s house.”

However, other students went even further than simply out of state. One student in particular, Elizabeth Brewer, 12, traveled all the way to her home country of Vietnam. She left the week most students took their finals and returned back to her home in Kentucky only two days into the new year.

“Seeing my home country was bittersweet,” Brewer stated, “I loved visiting and seeing all of my old friends, going to my old hang out spots, and just remembering all the fun times I had there. It was really nostalgic and I miss it very much, but I couldn’t wait to return home and see my friends for the last few days of break.”

Whether you stayed near or far, hopefully your break was all you could ask for and more!