Look Back on the 2010s


A derivative work by MaesterTonberry from a variety of images credited above. [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

The 2010’s decade was one to remember, as they all say. Improvements were made along with innovations and excitement. The decade started off with the introduction of the Apple iPpad from Steve Jobs and Instagram from Kevin Systrom in 2010. Spotify had it’s beginning in 2011, which is now the top music-streaming platform. The first states legalized recreational marijuana in 2012 with Colorado and Washington starting the trend. In 2013 the Ebola epidemic broke headlines when the virus was spotted in rural African villages. In 2014 the “Black Lives Matter” protest became a trend after the controversial death of black men at the hands of white police officers. Amazon launched “Prime Day” in 2015 which marks massive income in the e-commerce market. In 2018 Xi Jinping became China’s president for life. Due to the “anti-vax’ trend we saw a new outbreak of the measles virus in 2019.

Despite the significant world events during the decade, current high school students have a different perspective.  Most were in kindergarten or early elementary when the last decade started. Sophomore Matthew Maggard said, “I thought the 2010s was an awesome decade. A lot of cool stuff happened.” Opinions vary on how the decade went,  but overall most students find it successful. Sophomore Anthony Johns stated, ” The 2010s  were pretty cool. They could’ve been better years but not bad.” Cole Ginter, 10, qouted, “I thought it was pretty dope bro. It was a cool decade in my opinion.” Next up, the 2020s.