Trunk or Treat Returns to Rose


Lisa Collins

Vinnie Ethington, 11, Passes out candy to visitors to the baseball players’ trunk.

LCA’s annual Trunk or Treat was held in the outside in the parking lot next to the football field on Friday October 25. Stations were setup by each of the host and were filled with candy. Each station had a different theme, including some that were very popular, such as The Little Mermaid.  Children between the ages of 12 and under stuffed their bags full of candy as they made their ways around the loop of decorated trunks. A steady mist of rain did not dampen spirits, nor the enthusiasm of those hosting the trunks or those visiting them. As the event came to a close, visitors moved to the football field for the game. LCA hosted Danville in hopes to get their eighth victory of the season. During halftime, the homecoming queen and king were announced, the winners were Seniors C. Charles Johnson and Sydney Colon. Riley Fairchild said “I am so happy for the two, they looked so happy.” The Eagles ended up winning the game over Danville 38-18. Trunk or Treat was a success again and the night ended with a great victory.