Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas (Chapel)


The silliness of Christmas Chapel ends with the reading of the Christmas story from Luke.

       As the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year comes to a close, so do the weekly Wednesday Chapels. With this in mind, the seniors decided to make the last one the most exciting chapel yet! From large, inflatable hamster balls for upperclassmen and underclassmen alike to have a run-and-go at one another to shooting ping pong balls out into the crowd with an electric launcher, the class of 2020 outdid themselves with the hilarious skits they put together for our final chapel of 2019.

      Their hard work was received very positively by other students. Not only was it funny to watch, but it was also a good way to maintain our composure during the most stressful week of every semester— dead week, or the week before finals. Shelton Clem, 10, was quoted saying, “I’m really happy they used comedy instead of making it like every other chapel day. Although chapel is always great, [the comedic aspect of this chapel] was a good way to help us de-stress before we take our finals.”

       However, this was not the only reason students enjoyed this particular chapel. There was also an eating contest where Anabeth Schneider, 10, Matthew Potter, 11, and Dee Smith, 12, joined their fellow senior classmates on the stage to entertain the masses by eating a less than appetizing mix of ingredients. Tanner Allen, 11, said watching best friend Matthew Potter eat the mess that was given to him was the best part of the entire chapel.

       In 2018, we were given a silly concert for our final first semester chapel. This year, the seniors worked very hard to put together multiple skits as a way to give us some lighthearted fun right before the most stressful tests of each semester. Speaking on the behalf of the student body, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the final first semester chapel in 2020!

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