Winter Wonderland


Conner Maggard

Maryssa Phillips, 9, plays in the snow while her photography class is outside taking pictures of the snow.

The first snow is always a very special and remembered day. While students had a long weekend on November 8-12 the first snow appeared Tuesday, the last day of our small but welcome break. Some students preferred to stay inside and snuggle up to keep warm, but others enjoyed the frosted winter wonderland that was right outside our windows. So many things to do on a snowy day but unfortunately not enough time to do them all. “On the first snow, me and my puppy went outside and played,” said Mia Bond, 10. Mia wasn’t the only student whose dog goes crazy over the snow, so does Steven Rodes’s dog. The sophomore described, “Me too! Seeing my dog Lucy get excited about snow and jumping around is one of my favorite things.”. Not only is snow fun for pet owners it’s also fun for movie lovers. Christy Sara, 10 said “My favorite part about the first snow was that we had no school. I was able to curl up and watch many Christmas movies. It really got me in the Christmas mood.” As fun as these things all are, the snow unfortunately didn’t carry on to the next day and everyone headed back to school.