Wendys Spicy Nuggets Review


The Wendy’s spicy nuggets are back and have been back for a couple months. Recently, I tried these nuggets at the Wendy’s across from Brannon Crossing.  Overall, I was not pleased with the taste and overall spice of the chicken. Years ago when I would get them, I thought they were so good and tasted perfect. When I had them this time they thoroughly let me down and did not meet my expectations. As a qualified food critic I had complaints about the restaurant itself. The food was just slightly warm and not the hot expectation that I had for the food. I tried two sauces: Habanero and ketchup.  Although these helped with the taste in general, they did not elevate the food to the expectations that I had for it. Sophomore Elijah Hammond was not a fan of the nuggets either. He explained, “I was not a fan. The spice was not what I was looking for. and I prefer the regular, non-spiced nuggets.”

The spicy nuggets get a 6 out of 10 on the food scale behind the regular nuggets which received a 8 out of 10.