Thanksgiving Break Refreshes Before Finals


After months of waiting, Thanksgiving break finally came and students were thrilled to have a long break. Last year was the first time that LCA students had a week off for Thanksgiving. Prior to that, students only got three extra days.

Students spent their extra time in a whole variety of activities. Emilie Von Hagel, 9, went to visit his family. “I find it is very important to see family at any chance I get, because that way I get to make important memories with them.” Mia Bond, 10, had a similar idea about spending time with family. “I never know when something bad can happen so I want to be with them before they are gone.” While a lot of the students stayed at home, a few students went out. Tyler Wertzler, 11, wanted to enjoy as much time with his friends. “College is coming up so soon and I really want to enjoy time with my friends while they are around and make memories with them.” Philippe N’’Dia, 12, had some school obligations to do. “I had to practice for basketball because right after break is our first game.” Students this week had the release from all the pressure of school and got to enjoy some time on their own. Even coming back, students now have a short time to look forward to the Christmas break.