Tuesday November 19, the boys’ basketball team held their annual blue team versus white team scrimmage, and it was a classic. The teams were divided evenly between the varsity, JV, freshman, and 8th grade players. There were six 10 minute periods, the varsity and JV players playing the first four and the freshman and JV players playing the final two periods. There was a lot riding on the game: the losing team had to serve the winning team their food at the chili dinner after the game. The blue team was led by Senior Chase Widmer and Sophomore Tanner Walton, and seniors Aaron Abrahamson and Zeke Grier led the white team. After 60 hard fought minutes, the white team won by two points in a nail-biting finish. Both teams gave LCA parents high expectations for the season, but there is still a lot of room to improve. The eagles hope to continue their dominance and create their own legacy in the 2019-2020 season. After the game Coach Ted Hall said, “The boys fought hard tonight and played great basketball. We, as a coaching staff, also saw a lot of ways the guys can improve this next month in order to be ready for the season.” Don’t sleep on the basketballĀ  team this because they plan on doing big things, and last night parents and students got a glimpse of what to expect.