Election Day: When Not Every Student’s Voice Can Be Heard

Mika Maynard, Staff Writer

          With Election Day having just passed us last week, many students made sure to find their way to the polls as a way for their voices to be heard. For the others who were not old enough to vote, however, it was simply a much needed quick break from the daily stressors of school.

          While some seniors are just barely old enough to vote but were able to participate in their first ever election, others sat back and counted the days until their 18th birthday. Lizzy Brewer, 12, was one of those people.

          “I couldn’t vote because I don’t turn 18 until the middle of December,” she stated, “but I did enjoy the time away from school. It gave me a chance to catch up on schoolwork I had missed as well as an opportunity to get more hours at my job.”

          Others, such as Shelton Clem, 10, were not as concerned with voting as they were with sleeping in.

          “Since I won’t be able to vote for a few more years now, I just liked having a day off for once. I spent the day sleeping in and relaxing. I feel like we don’t get enough breaks from school, so to have this one day off meant a lot,” Shelton stated.

          Tanner Allen, 11, stated that he was most excited about getting to spend time with those who mean the most to him— his parents and his girlfriend. He was also glad his curfew was extended a little later than normal on Monday night, since he had nowhere to be Tuesday morning.

          “Having Tuesday off was nice, but it made me wish we had Monday off as well. Spending my free time amongst my parents and wonderful girlfriend was so much fun and it made me wish we got more breaks like that more often.”

          Depending on their age, interest in politics, and opinion on school, many different students found themselves participating in a wide variety of activities. However, it is evident that all students were incredibly grateful for the day off from school.