Pep Rally Returns


Pep Rally Fun. Students dove face-first into pie plates to find the hidden prize.

Last Friday October 25, the LCA staff and students put together something that the students have wanted for a long time.There is no clear answer as to the reason behind the absence of pep rallies over the past few years, but many think it had to do with the changing administration. Nothing brings out more school spirit then a pep rally, and the day of the homecoming game and the day before the dance couldn’t have been a better time to have it. After 7th hour on Friday, all of the students and staff packed into the gym with anticipation for what would take place. The event started with a speech to rally up the crowd by Head Football Coach Doug Charles, as well as the seniors representing the team. After Doug’s speech, students took part in crowd-pleasing festivities such as the kissing of the pigs and trying to find Hershey kisses in piles of whipped cream. Lastly, there was the introduction of the Homecoming Court with King C. Charles Johnson and Queen Sydney Colón.