A New Landscape for Fortnite


Fortnite Chapter 2 was released on October 15 and created lots of controversy in the gaming world. Lots of streamers and prominent game ambassadors love the game and say it has been a drastic improvement since Chapter 1. Some significant changes include the revising of the map locations, getting rid of and adding new guns such as the burst assault rifle, changing different rarities of guns and their floor loot. Also, there has been a change to chest spawns. In the previous chapter there were probability based chest spawns, which include guns, shields and other loot that players can use to their advantage. Now that these spawns have been made constant, it helps players know where to land and get loot consistently game after game. Another big change has been to shot guns. The pump has made a return in a grey rarity all the way up to gold, and there is a grey through gold tactical shotgun. The ever so present and over powered combat has been removed to provide players with a better gaming experience. Top streamer and a face of the game Tyler Blevins (Ninja) said: “I am in love with this new game”. Sophomore Cole Ramey said “the update has made me actually want to play again” This is a good step in the right direction for the game as they have brought in increased revenue with the new game.”