The Dreaded PSAT

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On October 16, students from all over the country were filled with stress, as they faced the PSAT that morning. The PSAT/NMQT is a nation-wide test that students in grades 9-11 take to prepare themselves for one of the most important tests they will take: the SAT. It has added meaning for Juniors, because their scores on the PSAT that year in high school will determine whether they qualify to be a National Merit Scholar, Finalist, or Commended student. Recognition in any of these categories can mean scholarships.

Students stress over standardized tests like these and many believe they are not an accurate representation of a students’ intelligence. Mia Bond, 10 said “Students stress over this test because it’s an important test that is supposed to measure our intelligence and creativity, which is impossible to measure through a test that you can’t even study for”. 

After taking the PSAT, many students are relieved it’s over. Steven Rodes, 10 said, “I didn’t like the PSAT, it was very long and tiring”. Everyone enjoyed the going home early part of the PSAT, since they are exhausted after taking it. Shelton Clem, 10, noted, “After taking any test like the PSAT or SAT, I always go home and take a nap right after.”