Spirit Week Offers New Themes to Escape Dress Code

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This week, many students made their way into school wearing their most creative outfits to show their school spirit for homecoming. Seniors came up with five themes for each school day this week. These themes consisted of dressing like a baby/senior citizen day, career day, Area 51 day, American/cowboy themed day, and finally 50’s day or extreme LCA spirit wear.

On the first day, the freshman and sophomores dressed as babies while the juniors and seniors dressed as senior citizens. For career day, there were a lot of doctors and people dressing up as some of their favorite teachers. On Area 51 day, there were a lot of aliens and space creatures. Some people even went all out with a blowup costume of an alien holding a human. American cowboy day consisted of a lot of students wearing flannel of all different colors paired with cowboy boots. For the last day, 50’s day, many people wore leather jackets and pants. One student who dressed up everyday was Sophomore Tori Turton. “ I thought it would be a fun experience to participate with the rest of the school and compare my outfit to everyone else’s.”

Student’s found this years themes much more exciting than the previous years which made many more people want to participate. Christy Sara, 10, made a comment comparing this years spirit week to last years. “This year’s themes are more engaging and had open ended themes which let the students be more creative with their outfits.” This year’   s spirit week was a lot of fun and students cant wait for what next years themes will be!