Students and Staff Lend a Helping Hand


Chase Ackerman, 12, Maggie Rothchild, 11, Christy Sara, 10, and Jennsyn Thomas, 12, join other students to pack meals for Generosity Feeds.

On Saturday, October 5, members of the football team, the Service Club, other students and staff all came together at Frederick Douglass High School to pack meals for Generosity Feeds Lexington. Generosity Feeds Lexington is a non-profit organization that packs and distributes packaged meals to starving homes in the Central Kentucky area. The team from LCA joined approximately 200 other volunteers to work that day.

During the two-hour event 32,000 meals were packaged and boxed. Everyone  attending had different jobs including scooping ingredients into the bag, sealing the bag, distributing cases of ingredients to tables, sealing bags,  and packing bags into boxes.

Sophomore Matthew Maggard said, “It was great way for LCA students to represent our school, and do some good in the community.” The general consensus was that everyone had a good time. There was a DJ playing music, and even raffles to throw in some fun. Everyone had a great time doing some good for those in need.