Homecoming Voting Controversy?


The 2018 Homecoming Court. This year’s court will be announced during halftime at the football game on October 25.

This years’ homecoming voting came early this year and early returns suggest there may be some scandals involved in the upper classes. McKean Collins, 9, and Kaylee Cook, 9, are the winning freshmen couple. Elijah Hammond, 10, and his girlfriend Leighton Cottrell, 10, won over the sophomore class. The junior class is where some of the controversy begins.  The student body has been known to put together unusual couples for the Homecoming Court, but the administration wants to make sure that they do so in the right spirit. According to multiple anonymous sources, the administration removed two names from the final ballot, even though they were in the top three of the popular vote, over concerns that the winning students may feel “bullied” by the honor. Still, it appears that Lane Hall, 11, and Macensie Newman, 11, prevailed, continuing a joke that began in the eighth-grade.  Some students suspect that there was some intervention in the senior class voting as well. There had been a 2020 GroupMe consensus that seniors would vote for two students who have had some history, the couple did not make it into the final court. At this point, it is uncertain whether the administration threw out those votes also because of a concern about bullying or seniors did not actually vote the way they presented in the Group Me message Regardless, the senior representatives on the Homecoming Court are Syndey Colon, Megan Spotts,  and Sarah Grace White. Chase Ackerman, C. Charles Johnson, and Jason Ihrig make up the boys’ side. The actual Homecoming Queen and King will be announced Friday October 25 during halftime at the football game.