Freshman Retreat


Lauren Jarvis

Drew Castle, 9, climbs up the to the ropes course during the freshman retreat.

The Freshman class enjoyed a day off of a school as they went on retreat on Friday September 20. They left early when school started and planned to comeback around the end of the school day. The freshman enjoyed playing games, eating, and having fun with their classmates. One of the favorite games of the retreat was Zorb ball. Freshman Tyler Hall explained the premise of the game, “Everyone had a dodge ball and we tried to hit everyone, but you can’t move while the ball is in your hand, and if you are hit you have to sit down. If the person who got you out gets out, then you can stand up and continue playing. That goes on till one person is left.” Freshman Eli Green said “I also enjoyed playing Gaga ball, volleyball and soccer.” For lunch, the freshman ate Fazolis. Reed Smith, 9, said, “The food was fantastic; I ate breadsticks and pasta.” Overall the freshman retreat was success. Students became closer and they had a fun day were they could relax and play games.