Girls’ Golf Team Repeats as State Champs


State Champs Again! Sarah Harper, 12, Laney Frye, 12, Emily Sparks, 12, Mary Keene Marrs, 10, and Delia Gibbs, 12.

LCA Girls Golf won their second state championship in a row on Tuesday October 8. In fact, they won by a very large margin. Laney Frye, 12, Sara Harper, 12, Emily Sparks, 12, Delia Gibbs, 12, and Mary Keene Marrs, 10, combined for a score of 632, while the second place team had a score of 660. Last year’s individual champ Laney Frye, 12, took second place in the individual contest.  While girls’ golf does not usually attract many fans on the course, the student body still supports the team. Junior Nathan Hall remarked, “I’m proud of our girls team and how much better they are than every other team.” The entire LCA family is very proud to boast the best girls golf program in the state.