A Summer Well Spent

Each year, nearly 1,000 students are carefully selected to participate in a five-week long summer camp called the Governor’s Scholars Program. Applicants must be rising seniors and must fill out a long application in order to be considered. This past summer, three of our own seniors were selected to participate: Nathan Maggard, 12, Brennan Graham, 12, and Will Ransdell, 12. When asked about their experience, they had almost nothing but good things to say.

Will Ransdell was very pleased with the program as a whole. Despite having a few bad experiences, he was quoted saying, “I would wholeheartedly endorse this program to others. It gives a wonderful impression of what college is going to be like in the future and connects you with hundreds of students from all across the state.”

Brennan Graham seemed to have no complaints about the program. “…it was wonderful to have the freedom and friendships which GSP provided.”

Nathan Maggard “loved meeting new people from across the state who [he will connect] with during [his] journey through college.”

All three students mentioned how important it was to go into the program with an open mind. Although nervous at first and worried it would just be a wasted summer, they found their friend groups and adapted to their new living conditions very quickly. They all endorse other students applying and attending GSP if given the opportunity.