An Introduction to Leadership Forum


On September 23, grades 9 through 12 each held their first Leadership Forum meeting of the year. Each forum consists of 10 students who were selected after applying in their freshman year. After being accepted, it is a four-year commitment. Students meet with an administrator once per month In these meetings, members discuss ways to strengthen their faith with God through reading. They also read studying one book each year. We are required to read a few chapters at a time in between each meeting and, if assigned, accompany our readings with a few bullet points of discussion for the next meeting. These meetings take place once a month during school and consist of engaging, insightful student-led discussions.

This first meeting was simply an introduction of what to expect for the following meetings.  Josie Jaeger, 10, explained how members discussed the leadership book they are going to read this year and engaged in a few “ice-breaking” games as a way to get to know one another better. Other grade level forums participated in similar activities.  Throughout the year, students will have an opportunity to practice the leadership skills and styles that they study through service projects and other events.