Upcoming Trips Offer Learning Outside the Classroom

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During the next year, there are going to be multiple opportunities for students to travel across the country and world with LCA teachers. Mrs. Payne is taking a group of 15 students and three chaperones to Atlanta, Georgia. She and Mrs. Cranfill are taking a group of 11 students to Peru and Poland. Dr. Fults is also offering a trip to Africa. Mrs. Jasper will be offering another trip to Atlanta this fall.

The Georgia trip will last a total of three days during winter break. Students will leave on December 31 and get back on January 2. The destination is the Christian conference Passion, an event for young adults ages 18 -25. Riley Fairchild, 12, and Abby Whitaker, 12, are both planning to attend this year. This means there are a total of 13 spots left. Mrs. Payne said “I have attended Passion two other times.  It was an amazing”. This conference teaches you about how God is using you for his big plan and how he is always with us.

Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Cranfill plan to take students on two trips that will be educational.  Next summer they plan to take students to Peru for a week. The details are still coming together, but they do plan to visit Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains.  Interested students should contact either of them for more information. Details have been confirmed for the trip the two teachers will take with student to Poland this winter.  The group will travel with the GlobalNext leadership program from January 3-10. Students will learn lessons from World War II, and they will visit notorious concentration camps. 

More information on these trips and others with Mrs. Jasper and Dr. Fults can be found in the office or through any of the teachers going on the trips.