New English Teacher Moves In

After almost three weeks without a regular English teacher, the sophomore class welcomes Nathan Stevens, who has been hired for the job. Going on his second week, we asked some questions to try and get to know him better.

Mr. Stevens is a graduate from Asbury University where he received a major in English and a minor in Theology. He found out about the position at LCA when the school contacted him. He had been involved with the school in the past and teachers here knew he was looking for a teaching job. When asked about how he felt about the school environment and the students, his response to both questions was, “So far, bot have been really good.” Mr. Stevens went to a Christian school when he was younger, so he says that LCA is like “home, in a sense.” Coming into the school year a little late, he felt it was necessary to set clear goals from the beginning. He wants the students to “walk away with an appreciation for reading and writing and to see the values within learning these things.” Personally, he did not enjoy English in high school but, as he got older, he fell in love with it. Another goal of his is to show students why they take English and why it is important. As to how Mr. Stevens is dealing with being a new teacher, he knew his first teaching job would be stressful, but he has found ways to help him get through it. He also applies advice that other teachers have given to him on how to be successful as a teacher.

It seems that Mr. Stevens is going to be a great addition to the school and great to the students. We all pray he has a good year.