The Flock Shines in Rival Game

Note: The following opinion of an enthusiastic member of the student section contains hyperbole and sarcasm. There is no intend to offend readers or members of the rival school.


Prep Spin

Students celebrate after the win against Catholic.

LCA took down Catholic last Friday and the student section was never louder. The students were dressed in all black to symbolize the funeral for Lexington Catholic Quarterback Beau Allen. They were chanting all game and they helped propel their team to victory. A sign in the student section says, “BEAU, WE RAN YOUR DOG OVER”; this sign is probably the best sign ever created in any student section. This sign represents the savagery of the student section. Word has it that seven different Lexington Catholic football players peed themselves on the field. The creator of the sign, Riley Fairchild, says “I was just trying to frighten Big Head Beau”. Big Head Beau, nick named this for his enormous cranium, blew the game by fumbling with a minute left, giving the ball to LCA. As a UK football fan, I can’t lie and say I’m not nervous to see him go out onto Kroger Field next year. I believe that God simply wouldn’t allow such a great student section’s team to lose, so it was a great combination for LCA football. Special shoutout to Kicker Max DeGraff for an unfortunate end to the game.