Saul Good Provides a Worthy Option Near Campus

Saul Good is a restaurant in the Lexington area with several locations. The one closest to LCA is next to the Fayette mall. It is owned by Rob Perez, who owns restaurants such as DV8 kitchen and various others. When I was there, I ordered one of the several pizza options on the menu. On this pizza, I ordered the garlic buffalo sauce with chicken and steak on the top with a light layer of mozzarella cheese. I requested that the steak on the pizza be prepared medium, but it came out more of a medium well. The chicken was thoroughly cooked and also was very tasty. I ordered a water with lemon to drink and it was very refreshing. There was an average amount of ice in the water, and the lemon complimented the drink well. One of my friends that was with me ordered a hot brown pizza, and the others ordered the big breakfast. They also had similar opinions about the food. They found it to be a quality meal and have become regulars at the restaurant. One of them said, “Saul Good never fails with service or quality of food and drink.” They all enjoyed their food and agreed that they received “top-notch service.”