The Twists and Turns Aren’t Just In the Water: Hurricane Dorian and its Unpredictable Series of Events


People all over the United States have been filled with anxiety no thanks to Hurricane Dorian over the past few weeks. Whether they’re travelling to or from the coast, or have any sort of relation to people who may live near the possibly affected areas, worry has swept across the nation faster than this storm could ever dream of doing.

My friend, Natalie Scates, flew down to Florida and stayed over the Labor Day weekend with her son, boyfriend, and his family. When asked, Natalie said the following:

“Seeing all the news reports and broadcasts about how terrible and serious the hurricane was getting in such a short time worried me to no end. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to make it back to Kentucky when we had planned because of how servere everything became in only a matter of a few days.”

For Natalie, all she had to worry about was returning home safely. My friend, Alexa Milne, however, was not as fortunate.

Alexa lives off the coast of the Outer Banks, in North Carolina. They were expected to have major damage, and she was very worried about what may happen.

“Although we get storm threats like these pretty frequently, this one seemed especially scary. We weren’t sure whether it would hit or if it wouldn’t it, which areas would be affected and which wouldn’t… things like that. This hurricane was unpredictable, but luckily enough, we have had very little damage around my hometown.”

Hopefully, the damage won’t be too extreme; and all those who are affected will find peace and safety very soon.