The Search for a New English Teacher Begins

Towards the end of August, the sophomores found themselves without an English teacher. Both regular and honors students have attended a class without a teacher for almost two weeks now. While some students are grateful, others find themselves missing the teacher we were just beginning to get to know.

“I miss having an English teacher,” says Shelton Clem, 10, “I feel like the work wouldn’t be as bad if we had a teacher there to give us their own assignments after they taught a lesson every day.”

Sarah Childers, 10, on the other hand, feels the exact opposite.

“Not having a teacher for English makes the class more enjoyable. We fly through the worksheets assigned on most days, and then we can use the remainder of the hour as a study hall. I like the freedom we have now that there’s not just one person in charge of the room.

Principal Wells sent out the official email on September 3, 2019, to give all students and  guardians alike some insight on the situation. The email states the following:

“I am writing to inform you that Mrs. Hendrickson, Former Grade 10 English Teacher, is no longer employed as a teacher at Lexington Christian Academy.  Because of the confidentiality of personnel issues, we cannot provide any other details…”

Those who had the pleasure of attending Mrs. Hendrickson’s class for the first few days of school will miss her greatly and pray that our staff can find a replacement quickly.