Labor Day Offers a Last Gasp of Summer

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Many students eagerly counted down the minutes in their last hour class on August 30. It was finally Labor Day weekend and many students were relieved to have a break from school. It was the first long weekend of the school year. Teachers and students both were eager to go home and take a break. Some students left early on Friday to go on a short out of town vacation, others went to visit family, and most stayed home and relaxed.

Long weekends can have a downside. They usually mean double the work when students get back. As enjoyable as it was to have Monday off, Tuesday hit hard for some. Fortunately, most of the students didn’t feel this way. Mika Maynard, 10, observed, “No, there wasn’t a lot of work.” Some students wished that they always would have Monday off. Shelton Clem, 10, noted, “No more Mondays would be nice. There’s a lot of stress, work, pressure, anxiety, and depression.” Many students feel so much pressure and stress that just having that extra day really helped.  Mika Maynard feels differently, though. “Tuesday would become the new Monday.” Mia Bond, 10, looked at the long weekend in a different way. She said, “I did enjoy no school on Monday, but I really liked how it made the week feel shorter.”

Students saw this long weekend as a great break from the stress of school. Most forced themselves out of bed Tuesday morning wishing it was still the weekend. Even though everyone had to go back to school, at least they could look forward to the short week that was ahead of them.