Student Council’s First Meeting


Student Body President Nathan Maggard, 12, conducts the first student council meeting of the year.

On Thursday August 29, the student council held its first official meeting. Representatives elected from each grade attended the meeting to discuss plans for the upcoming school year.  Student Body President Nathan Maggard, 12, was glad to get the group started on making a difference for the students. He noted, “I am very excited for the 2019-2020 school year. I think we are taking a step forward from previous years.”

While a variety of issues came up at the meeting, some main points included plans for homecoming. The group decided the themes for each day of Spirit Week, and they will be posted to students in the following weeks. The representatives also decided that the dance will have a 1950s theme and will be held at a venue other than the school basement.

The student council exists to be a link between the students and the administration. Any student who has a question, concern, or idea for the school should contact one of the class representatives.