Drug Testing Expands to Include Nicotine


Alec Amburgey

Students make the most of their time as they wait for random drug testing in the office.

On Monday August 26, some students were more nervous than ever as the school resumed regular drug testing. Their anxiety was higher than it had been about drug testing in the past because of a recent change in the way the school tests. Starting this year, the board decided to expand drug testing to include a search for nicotine, a drug many LCA students are extremely familiar with. Many students are against the addition to the drug tests because they see it as an “attack” or “a lack of trust” by the LCA leaders. Other students, such as Senior Jacob Goins, are highly in favor of nicotine testing because they believe “LCA needs to do their best to solve the Juul and vape problem.” Many of those users sat in their desks anxiously hoping the office aide did not come to their classroom first or second hour to hand them that dreaded piece of white paper summoning them to the office to be tested.

The school has finally taken a step in the right direction with the new testing. Perhaps they realized that the presentations made to students by the school resource officer and the spiritual life director talk about the health risks of vaping were not good enough to stop kids from feeding their addiction.