Freshman Student Council Speeches


Laurel Setzer, 9, makes her campaign speech. She was elected Secretary/Treasurer for the freshman class.

On August 28th the Freshman gave their speeches for students council and voted on who they thought would best represent them. The winners were Kaylee Cook, Katie Landfield, and Laurel Setzer. These three freshman students were fairly voted on by their fellow classmates. Kaylee Cook the freshman student council president is hoping to lead them through a very successful school year alongside katie Landfield and Laurel Setzer..

Kaylee Cook was running uopposed for president, but there was a race for the other two offices.  It was very brave of the students who stood up and made their claims in front of their classmates about why they should be a part of student council. Everyone who went up and gave a speech had great ideas on how to better the freshman experience at LCA, and how to help them through their transition from middle school to high school.

Freshman originally were going to hear the campaign speeches after Chapel on Wednesday.  When Chapel was cancelled due to power issues, the speeches were moved to the cafeteria. It was important that freshmen elect their representatives before the first Student Council meeting on Thursday August 29.