LCA Has Two New Counselors


Mr. Josh Palmer and Ms Heather Riley join the staff as high school counselors.

Just a few weeks in to the new year, the high school welcomes two new counselors to the front office. The upper-classman counselor is Mr. Josh Palmer and the under-classman counselor is Heather Riley. They both had only been on the job for a few days when they sat down with The Talon staff to answer some questions.

We started by talking to Ms. Riley about how she became connected to LCA and what made her want to work here. She responded by explaining that working at a Christian school is a “change of pace.” She went to college at Transylvania and also attended the University of Louisville. While Transylvania is a Christian based school, the University of Louisville is not, so she has been in a Christian school before. When asked what her relationship with God was like, she said they had a relationship filled with grace. She uses Him to remind herself that no one is perfect but we are seen that way in His eyes. In her short time here, she has started by jumping in head first.  Her goal has been to get to know the students and families. She says that everyone has been welcoming and very kind. Her goal is to form relationships with the students and to be able to watch them grow into young adults. Helping the students throughout school and to be successful is a priority.

After talking to Ms. Riley, we got to talk to Mr. Palmer. He studied at a Messiah College and received degrees in Physcology at UK and got his masters at the University of Louisville. Mr. Palmer has been working with high school students for five to six years and was looking for a place where he can give his support with a Christian point of view. He says that his relationship with God is “ever changing.” Mr. Palmer grew up in a church and his faith was really tested when he got into college. He considers himself a newly-invested Christian and has had the support if his wife though this journey. So far at LCA, he has been dropped into everything going on and has been very busy. Everyone has been welcoming and supportive. His goal for the students at LCA is to give them a personalized experience because each student is unique. His goal is to have a 1-1 experience with the students.

The transition to LCA has been refreshing to both counselors and we pray they have a successful year.