Chapel Canceled


AJ Bateholts, 11, and Milo Golding, 10, work on their accounting lesson during the power outage on August 27. This outage is believed to have caused the problems that led to the cancellation of chapel on Aug. 28.

Shortly before the start of the first official chapel of the year, students learned that the event would be canceled.  In a letter sent home to parents, Dr. Wells explained that there were no lights working in the chapel.  Students also were told that there was no air conditioning working in the chapel.  According to the IT department there is no electricity to the chapel. Dr. Wells’ letter gives the suspicion that the problems in the chapel are due to a short power outage the day before. During seventh hour on Tuesday August 27, the school experienced a short power outage. Even though the lights were out, classes went on, with students and teachers making the most of the situation. Students were surprised by the cancellation and some found themselves missing the weekly meeting that is an LCA tradition.  Senior Jaylin Mclanahan feels like she is losing an experience with the Lord. In his letter to parents, Dr. Wells expressed his hopes that the issue could be resolved by next Wednesday.  He also asked for prayers for the IT staff, who is working very hard to resolve the problem.

Pastor Ray Green of Immanuel Baptist Church was schedule to speak during chapel this week.  In the absence of a high school Spiritual Life Director, Pastor Green had agreed to address the students for the first few weeks of school.  His first talk has been postponed until next week.

The freshmen were supposed to stay after chapel this week to listen to speeches by their candidates for Student Council.  Due to the change in schedule, they met after third hour to listen to the speeches and vote on their representatives.