Football Bash

Sarah Childers, Staff Writer

On August 23, kids of all ages and their parents were welcomed to the LCA Bash of 2019. All of the kids had smiles up to their ears and were having so much fun jumping on the bouncy house, dunking their favorite teachers, and doing a cake walk for some delicious soda. After the Bash, everyone went to cheer on the football team in the season opener against Moore. It is safe to say this year’s Bash was a success. 

Many kids were very excited when they heard Mr. Piech was in the dunking booth. Wyatt Guilliams, 10, said “I only came to dunk Mr. Piech in the water.”Kids lined up eagerly waiting to see their English teacher drop into a bucket of water. Only he would be crazy enough to volunteer for this job. Mr. Piech tried to explain what was going through his mind as he agreed to step into the dunking booth.  “I wanted to do this, plus I knew a lot of the kids would enjoy it.” Getting dunked in water over and over in by your students would seem exhausting and irritating, but Mr. Piech was a good sport. He said “I would do it again, it was exhilarating.” 

The little kids had multiple activities to entertain them at the bash. They had the bouncy houses, a cake walk with soda, and multiple food trucks to try. Many of the older students found that there was not as much for them to do. Christy Sara, 10, was a little disappointed.  When asked what she did at the Bash, she replied, “Eh, I only walked around. There was not a lot for older people.” Mia Bond, 10, felt differently. She said, “Yes, it was fun. I partied it up.”

Whether students were walking around, hanging out with friends, dunking Mr. Piech, or bouncing on the bouncy houses till their legs gave out, everyone stopped at game time approached.  They made their way down to the football field at 7:30 to show their school spirit for our football team. Most students said they were staying for the game. Cooper Cowden, 10, summed up the attitude of most. He explained, “Yes, I’m going to the game, and  I’m really excited”.