Praying Over Seniors At Convocation


Students pray during the Convocation ceremony.

Senior Convocation was a time of prayer, of reflection, and of looking forward to the future. On August 21, all students gathered in the chapel at 10:00 am. Senior parents also joined the students in the back of the chapel. The audience listened to new principal, Dr. Scott Wells. His speech was followed by a quick sermon from Head of School Sisk. Mr. Sisk reminded the seniors to “glow in the dark” and “finish strong.” Mr. Wesley then brought the choir on stage to sing a song. At the end of the presentations, seniors spread around the chapel and parents met them to pray for the year. Four senior teachers gave parents a prompt of a different topic to pray for their student.

The prayer time was special for the students. Chase Widmer, 12, says, “The prayer time was emotional for my parents which was awkward because they were sobbing in front of me.” Virginia Fairchild, mother of senior soccer star Riley Fairchild, 12,had this to say about the convocation: “I was just happy to have the opportunity to pray over my daughter and her future.”