Senior Retreat Bonds Class Early

Seniors divide into teams for friendly competition during their retreat. Sydney Spillman, Micah Green, Ben Philpot, Nathan Maggard, Andrew Huff, Levi Messner, Sydney Colon, Ethan Gamble, Jaylin McClanahan, Connor Vance, Aaron Bolling, and Emily Ashford.

The annual Lexington Christian Academy senior retreat is a time of fun, worship, and fellowship for the incoming 12th graders. The event took place at Crossings Camp in Bagdad, Kentucky.  When arriving, the new leaders were divided into four teams (yellow, blue, green, red) and faced off in a free-for-all dodge-ball game. This was a great way for unfamiliar students to communicate and bond in the heat of competition. Later on, the teams would divide back up and take part in an extremely competitive game of handball. Zeke Grier noted, “Even though the teams looked uneven, the blue team was able to come together and compete in every game. We came together and couldn’t be stopped.”

After playing games, the seniors went into a make-shift sanctuary and worshiped God as one. Ethan Gamble said,     “Worship was one of my favorite parts of the retreat. It was so cool seeing a class divided by cliques come together and give praise to God.” During worship, students sang worship songs led by Justan Borth, the youth minister at Centenary United Methodist Church. Then, various teachers and staff members shared Bible verses or advice that had been on their hearts for the class of 2020. After the inspirational and Christ-focused messages, students were given free time to hang out or play games. They could play 9-square, pickup basketball, or have fun at the inflatables.

Aaron Abrahamson, Andrew Blakeman, Jacob Goins, Zeke Grier, and Chase Widmer had a different idea in mind: to catch a fish in the pond outside the dining hall. Together, the five group of guys set out to find materials for their fishing pole. They were able to find a sturdy branch to use as the rod. Then they tore a piece of net off of an old soccer goal to use as the fishing wire. The unit of five went down to an old fishing pond on the outskirts of the camp in hopes of finding a hook. You guessed it, they did. They assembled the hillbilly fishing pole, and the boys only needed one final piece to the puzzle: bait. At the cafeteria, there was a dead horse fly under a table outside, so of course, they placed it on the hook and dropped their line into the water. It took a few attempts, but finally Chase Widmer got a bite and reeled in a nice-sized blue gill. The boys took the fish, sprinted to their room and filled their bathtub with water so their fish, newly named ‘Nipsey,’ could swim around. The boys then fed it, waited until enough students were able to marvel at it, and then released it back into the pond, unharmed. The boys had won the amazement of everybody in the camp with their catch, even Dr. Wells.

The 2019 senior retreat for the class of 2020 was one for the books. Students made bonds with new faces, made life-long memories, and most importantly grew in their relationship with Christ.