New Year, New School: A Profile on New LCA Students


Grant Vaught, 10, and Mac Crosbie, 10, welcome each other to school on the first day.

The morning of August 14th, 2019, came much sooner than expected. Hundreds of anxious students chattered among one another as they filled their lockers with literature that would soon become a large part of their lives over the course of the next nine months. Friend groups briefly reunited to see who had classes with who, electives their friends chose, and teachers they all shared.

As the clock struck 8:15 AM, the second-to-last bell rang throughout the halls of LCA. High school sweethearts hugged one another goodbye and best friends parted ways, telling one another which table they would meet back up at when lunch rolled around. Teachers propped open their doors, their arms wide open with bright smiles upon their faces to welcome both new and old students into their classrooms. The first day of the new school year was only minutes away from beginning.

To LCA student veterans, the first day back is not such a big deal. They know their friend groups, their teachers, and how to find their way around campus. Nearly every face that passes by them is a familiar one, since the vast majority of them have known their peers for a plethora of years now. This, however, is not the case for many new LCA attendees.

Starting at a new school can be rather intimidating, especially if every face you see is an unfamiliar one. New students typically find themselves getting lost trying to get from class to class and/or feeling like a complete outcast. Adapting to a new environment is almost never an easy task to accomplish; and it’s even harder if you’re shy and find it difficult to make new friends. Typically, high schoolers tend to have their guard up and are not very open to inviting new students into their friend groups. At LCA, however, each and every student keeps an open mind and an open heart, just like God would want us to.

Thanks to this, many new students found friendly faces on their first day. One of our new sophomore students named William Green who just moved here from El Paso, Texas said, “Yes, I like it here. Everyone is very friendly.” As the day went on the students found a Christlike presence flowing through the hallways. I asked another new sophomore student named Shelton Clem how she felt after her first day this was her response “Everyone was very nice and I felt a strong Christlike and positive energy in the hallways”. I asked her if she ever felt overwhelmed or excluded and she said “On my first day everyone was very welcoming and reassuring, but a little on the shy side”. Everyone did their part in helping make this school feel as comfortable and friendly as possible. 

At LCA we drive to create a positive environment. We want students to flourish and be successful in their education. The goal is to graduate strong in academics and in our faith. I hope all the new students here at LCA feel comfortable and safe here, and have a good year!