‘Avengers: Endgame’ vs. ‘Avengers: Infinity War’


Avengers: Endgame just came out a week ago, and it is already getting ready to break the record for most earnings for a movie. Both Endgame and Infinity War were masterpieces, and both movies had their flaws. Endgame and Infinity War both had marvelous characters and they both were star-studded with both heroes and the actors that portrayed those heroes. Infinity War was both a true introduction to the villain Thanos, and it was also the story of Thanos’ adventure to retrieve all of the infinity stones. The story follows different groups of the Avengers as they try to stop him and his army in many different ways. Infinity War had a lot of action and not much story to it. Endgame was a much more complex movie with all of the story lines it had to focus on to close out phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There was not as much action as there was in Infinity War. The story line was almost the exact opposite of that of Infinity War. This movie still follows the Avengers as they try and stop Thanos, but in this movie Thanos had already done what he has been seeking to do. The Avengers are now on a quest to retrieve the infinity stones to destroy Thanos before Thanos even starts his quest for the stones. The roles have been reversed. Both movies have the signature scene where all of the Avengers are together and the music plays and they go and fight, but the scene in Endgame is a little bit shorter than the one in Infinity War. However, the entrance of all the Avengers for “assemble” scene in Endgame is much bigger and longer and more suspenseful. It moved people more than the one in Infinity War. Senior Will Frye said, “I liked both movies, but Endgame was easily the best movie of all time.” Gabe Smith, 12, who enjoys reviewing movies said, “Both movies were very good and well written, but I would give Endgame around a 97%-98% on rotten tomatoes.” Senior JT Sparks said this about the two movies, “Endgame was more powerful emotionally, but Infinity War had more and better action.” Both movies were a hit for everybody that watched them, but both movies did have a few flaws. Endgame and Infinity War were the perfect end to a perfect phase of movies.