Seniors Have Some Fun in Final Week

Conor Harrison, Staff Writer

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Senior prank was in full force on Monday May 6. The seniors took the day to prank the rest of the school as their final send-off to LCA and its teachers and students. LCA puts many restrictions on what they allow for senior pranks, but most years the seniors find a way to do something truly memorable and humorous. The day started normal except all of the seniors showed up to school in their pajamas. They also brought blankets and pillows and decided to sleep in the hallways until class started. The prank was received well by many and the younger students thought it was a humorous and fun way to start off the day. After first hour, all of the seniors decided to pile into history teacher Mr. Perkins’ room. There was a total of almost 75-100 kids in there! They stayed in there for about 10 minutes then proceeded to go to their normal classes. There were many reports of smaller pranks happening around the school as well. There were things found in the toilets in bathrooms, and it seemed that every once in a while a few senior boys would burst into a classroom full of freshman and capture one of the students! This was all in good fun as it was all just part of the pranks. Many seniors also decided to have a self-imposed senior lunch. Many seniors signed out and left campus to go get lunch instead of staying and eating with the rest of the students. The biggest part of the prank was the OOB (Operation Occupy Bathroom). Over 100 male students went into the bathroom down by the gym and proceeded to blast music on a large speaker. There was yelling and dancing and singing and it was just a good time (for the students at least). The OOB was ultimately broken up by Mr. Marshall, and the students returned to class in an orderly fashion. Junior Alec Amburgey had this to say about the pranks, “They were fun but none of them were too crazy.” Senior Ella Wilson was quoted in saying, “The best part we got to wear pajamas to school.” Mr. Marshall had this to say about the OOB, “That was one of the loudest things I have ever heard in this school.” All in all, the senior prank day was a success, and it was a sufficient final farewell from the class of 2019.