NBA Playoffs Preview

The best time for professional basketball fans all around the world has arrived: the NBA Playoffs! Both conferences are represented by the top eight teams in their conference. The Bucks are the one seed in the East while the Warriors are the one seed in the West. The other teams in the East include the Raptors, Sixers, Celtics, Pacers, Nets, Magic, and the Detroit Pistons. The other teams in the West include the Nuggets, Trail Blazers, Rockets, Jazz, Thunder, Spurs, and the Los Angeles Clippers. There are many contenders this year for the ultimate goal of NBA Finals champion, but the common favorite in many people’s minds is the Golden State Warriors. The team is stacked just like last year, plus all-star Demarcus Cousins joined the roster. The Rockets have been good all year but never healthy, and James Harden is having another career year. The Nuggets are young but they have a lot of star power, and the Spurs are as solid as ever. The Trail Blazers have about the same team as they did last year, but many believe they can put together a run this year. The Thunder have two superstars but not much else to work with. The LA Clippers are just a solid team and they are going to be a tough out for the Warriors. The Jazz have an offensive star in Donovan Mitchell, and they have a Defensive Player of the Year candidate in Rudy Gobert. Over in the east, the one seed Bucks are rolling and are going be hard to stop with Giannis Antetokounmpo playing an MVP caliber season. The Raptors are deep and have two stars to work with in Kawhi Leonard and Pascal Siakam. The Sixers have one of the best starting lineups in the league, but they are lacking in bench depth. The Celtics are solid and have star power in Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum. The Pacers have been consistent all year despite losing their all star Victor Oladipo. The Nets have put together an amazing season behind D’Angelo Russell and Jarrett Allen. The Magic and the Pistons just snuck in and are not the teams you wanna fall asleep on. LCA Senior and Thunder fanatic Matthew Johnson said that, “I believe the Thunder can do it this year, but my money is on the Warriors.” Another senior Jacob Jones agreed, “No one is stopping the Warriors.” JT Sparks, 12, puts in his plug for a different team with, “Go Heat.” The playoffs should be a spectacle this year with lots of stars showing out, but in the end, it seems like it is the Warrior’s Finals to lose.