Seniors Final Week


Seniors Cate Crosbie, Gretchen Casper, and Haidyn Chudy mess with the freshmen lockers as part of senior prank.

Erin Oliver, Editor

The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and students are becoming restless to leave school for the summer. While the rest of the high school still has two more weeks left, the 2019 senior class leave this Friday, May 10th, forever.

Their last week has been anything but bland. On Monday, seniors plotted their version of the notorious senior prank that lasted all throughout the day. Even though underclassmen were confused as to what the actual prank was, seniors had a blast hatching their plans and enjoying the out of routine day.

Many seniors also had AP Tests to participate in, which have kept the bored students busy. Those in second semester speech are also required to perform their Tribute speeches, which count as their final grades, and students have been prepping for their time at the podium. While it may be their last week, there is still plenty to be done.

Most seniors anyone would talk to will express how ready they are to graduate and move onto the next step.

Senior Julia Lawson said in regards to graduating, “I want to leave. I’m just very done. Like a burnt piece of toast.”  

Reagan Newman also had notable remarks about the end of an era. “I wanna go. I wanna leave. I’m excited for a new chapter in my life and am looking forward to new things.”

While a decent portion of the graduating class will be attending the University of Kentucky, many students this year have chosen out of state campuses.

Rosemary Cruse is attending Furman in South Carolina. She said, “I am so excited for the change of scenery! I definitely have my moments where I’m going to miss Lexington but I know going out of state was the right choice for me. I am so thankful for all the amazing people and communities that I’ve been apart of here in KY but I can’t wait to make those connections in South Carolina!”

There is so much to come for the 2019 seniors. God has a plan and idea for each and everyone of them and it is excitable to see where those plans take them!