Class of 2019 Attempts OOB

Dustin Wheatley, Staff Writer

“I lost my airpods”said Blane Hardin, 12, on this eventful day. Apparently, they had gone missing while he was busy taking part in the annual “senior prank” on Monday April 6.

Seniors planned some activity that would be unexpected each hour of the day. The afternoon activity stole the day with nearly every males student taking part in the unofficial prep rally known as OOB (Operation Occupy the Bathroom).  This infamous “festivity” involves where large numbers of students crowding into a bathroom to have a “party.” The party mainly includes playing music that may or may not be appropriate. For example, this year’s song was the outdated hit Mo Bamba by Shack Wes. “It was lit,” said freshman Mac Cosby. The average score for OOB was a 10/10. However, when you cram that many students into a small space, it can get uncomfortable. Senior Blayne Strippelhoff thought he was going to have a heat stroke due to the mass amounts of people in there. Others said there was “a crazy amount of people.” Some claimed this was the OOB in the last three years, as it was not busted in the opening seconds, as had been the case in previous years. As this is not a sanctioned event, the festivity has seen a many changes in venue and time. It even saw many changes throughout the day on Monday. When it finally took place, most were pleased to have pulled it off. However, some expressed discontent with the event as it did not have the best song choice as one staff member said. He elaborated saying it was not a good representation of our school (due to the explicit music).