Confident Seniors Discuss Hopes for Powderpuff


Julia Lawson, Writer

“I like Powderpuff. I really want to win, too. I have a good feeling about this year’s team.” A man with little words, Senior Coach Ben Whitman, has high expectations for his team of girls this year.

Powderpuff has been a long standing tradition for many LCA girls. All girls, from freshmen to seniors, are invited to participate. The tradition entails three football games where the seniors begin by playing the freshmen. The juniors then play the sophomores, and the winners play each other for the championship. Football players from all grade levels volunteer to coach and coordinate games.

This year the Senior team consists of Reagan Newman, Katherine Childers, Erin Oliver, Julia Lawson, Gracie Elliott, Savannah Fields, Gretchen Casper, Meela Mingua, Haidyn Chudy, Rosemary Cruse, and Cate Crosbie. They are coached by Senior Ben Whitman. The team feels pretty confident in their abilities to pull off a dub this year.  

In fact, the seniors were seen practicing this past Monday on the soccer fields with none other than the Boy’s Junior High football team. Their coach helped Quarterback Erin Oliver perfect her throwing form as well as coordinate a scrimmage between the girl’s and the Junior High boys. Remarkably, the girls ended up beating the boys, clearly demonstrating their skill of the game.

Senior Erin Oliver states that she is “really looking forward to the upcoming game. Practices have been fun and we have some tricks up our sleeves. We are coming for you.”

Although the Senior’s are very hopeful for the looming game on May 17th, but no bets are made and anything can happen. Will it finally be the Seniors time to shine or will they bask in the glory of the underclassmen again?