NBA Finals Spark Interest

As professional baseball season gets going, the NBA basketball season is winding down.  According to the ads on television, the playoffs are the best time of the season. However, recently, the NBA playoffs have been seen as very boring and audiences lose interests in watching the same teams dominate year after year.  In addition, the playoffs take so long.  They can drag out until June 8, a time when many have moved on to other interests. Despite this, some LCA students are excited for what can be called the best part of the season. Zeke Grier, 11, is particularly interested in the first round series between the Portland Trail Blazers and Oklahoma City Thunder. He says,  “Damian Lillard is my literal daddy. He had the sexiest game winner I have ever seen.” This particular player, Damian Lillard, had 50 points out of 50+percent shooting, along with 7 rebounds and 6 assists in the thrilling end to a series where the Trail Blazers were dominant. Junior Chase Widmer summed up Lillard’s impact on the game, “Russell Westbrook cannot win a playoff series by himself and got beat by one player.”

The Trail Blazers will play the winner of the match-up between the Denver Nuggets and the San Antonio Spurs.