Boys’ Basketball Looks Ahead to Next Season


The boys' basketball team won the district championship for the third year in a row this season.

The three-time district champion Eagles basketball team are losing a strong group of seniors, but the team still has high hopes for the future. Rising seniors Jacob Goins, Zeke Grier, Aaron Abrahamson, and Chase Widmer plan to build up the basketball for the future years of LCA basketball. The team has a lot of potential, with new upcoming freshman trying out for the team. The team also has several players who are a part of AAU teams that will help develop their skills in the next and upcoming season. Grier is one of these AAU players who is already getting looks from small division one schools. He will have a chance to prove his worth in Pittsburgh soon. 

An AAU team is a travel basketball team that has many strong players and much potential. With this contributions from the AAU program, the question is whether the 2020 Eagles will be able to win the district tournament four years in a row. Fans will just have to wait and see. The rising seniors on the team plan to take any doubt about that happening and use it as fuel to get them to where they need to go. According to Widmer, “The team this year has just as much potential as the team did last year. Watching the last year to this year will not be a building year. We will be just as good as we were last year if not better.” Grier is also optimistic about the team next year. “ We will be good next year. If anything, the seniors will just need to learn how to lead better.” Abrahamson identifies the key to future success.  “ The team will be good next, but we will need to lead better.” With the new and upcoming season, the school is very excited to see what these boys can do. They want put their name down in history.