Poetry Slam Dunk

Julia Lawson, Writer

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It’s time for our annual poetry slam and, for once, students are surprisingly excited about poetry! This is because LCA’s poetry slam is not full of the intimate, serious works of art that typically bore students to tears. The Academy’s poetry slam will feature students varying from freshmen to seniors showing off their doggerel skills! The poetry slam has featured topics from consumerism to heartbreak in the past and we can’t wait to see what our students are showcasing this year.

This Friday our students will have the option to attend ACE period or go to the poetry slam. Although, there is another option, it’s safe to say that the majority of the school will be at the slam cheering on their friends. Senior Erin Oliver will definitely be roaring her friends along on Friday. “I always look forward to the poetry slam. Although I am not a huge fan of poetry, I am often surprised each year with the talent our students have. Go Eagles!”  

Senior Camden Alcorn is an inexperienced poet yet still has high hopes for his intense debut piece about Mr. Riley Perkins. Mr. Perkins is our Junior United States History teacher and many students love to poke fun at him due to his good-natured and comical personality.

We sat down with Camden to discuss his first performance as a published poet. He said, “Having never done the poetry slam before I was excited to try. I am not too keen on poetry itself, but I am keen on writing, and especially comedic writings, something that I felt the poetry slam lacked. I seek to lighten the otherwise dismal mood of the poetry and to create a memory for the audience to have forever.”  

On the other hand, Senior Jacob Jones stated his poem “will leave the crowd in tears”. He stated his poem was about “heartbreak ” and when he asked about tomorrow he stated he was, “nervous”. However, he said he was “ready to kill all the competition, except for Camden.”

Well, that’s all of the information for now! Our students are certainly excited about the big day. They cannot wait to see their fellow Eagles get up on stage and do their thing. And let’s hope Alcorn does as promised! Will his debut “comedic writing” leave the audience laughing and quacking? Or will they find it somewhat lacking? Stay tuned to find out!