Fire Devastates Famed Notre Dame

Fire engulfs Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

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Fire engulfs Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

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The Cathedral of Notre Dame has risen high in the city of Paris for more than 800 years. It is a holy site, but also an admired example of Gothic architecture. Last week, people from around the world watched in horror as this, one of Paris’ most admired landmarks caught on fire. The flames destroyed the iconic spire and much of the roof, which was undergoing renovations. The fire began inside and started to climb up one of the side towers which eventually fell. Firefighters worked tirelessly to put out the fire and to prevent the main bell tower from falling. It is hard to think that the cathedral had survived a plague, two world wars and a nationwide revolution only to suffer great damage as the result of an accident.

This tragedy brought a swift and generous response from the French. President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to rebuild. Many of the country’s super rich have come together to donate more than $1 billion dollars to reconstruct this priceless piece of history and art. Around 600 million Europeans have also contributed to the cause. Bernard Arnault, arguably the most wealthy man in France, donated $226 million. Notre Dame has quickly acquired more than enough money to be able to reconstruct the tower. All that is left for the world to do is wait for the
reconstruction. Macron estimates that the reconstruction will take five years, though it originally took 200 years to construct the building.